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Ready to start submitting concepts directly to our clients? Great, we're here to help!

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Are you in the right format?

Our clients require videos (sizzles) of working prototypes or some type of proof of concept that demonstrates game play or your concept in action. The sizzle is the pitch perfect format in the toy business! Learn more about inventing in the Toy Business with our helpful TinkerToons.


Sign our Client Inventor Submission Agreements (ISAs) 

You can choose which client(s) you would like to onboard with but we always recommend inventors onboard with all of our clients. Each client has different needs that are always evolving and we want to help increase the odds of success for everyone to find the right home at the right time


Contact Us or write so we can learn more about you and determine if it makes sense to onboard you to our network. If so, we'll send our client ISA links. If not, we'll redirect you and give the best advice we can.


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Welcome to Tinkerly

Once you sign our client ISAs, we'll create your Tinkerly account and will email your log-in credentials. Tinkerly is how you will review wishlists, learn about urgent needs, submit concepts and receive ongoing updates as we review and manage your concepts with clients. Tinkerly is our community legal database, rally space and keeps your concepts well-documented and behind our firewall if they are not being actively evaluated by our client PD teams. 

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Concept Review

Concepts take 2 - 6 weeks to review with clients to determine if there is enough interest to evaluate models. We have a unique approach to how we help our clients make decisions and align internally, so things move quickly with TinkerTini support, but we'll keep you posted every step of the way! We're always here to help and our mission is success for our clients while supporting a healthy and sustainable inventing community.

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Still have questions? Please review our FAQ page.

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