TinkerTini receives many leads from folks looking to offer their creative services to inventors from illustration and design to model making and so on. We simply can't respond to everyone or play cupid outside of our day job, but we wanted to provide a platform and place for inventors to locate resources. Hopefully, some ideas are taken to the next level through connections made on TinkerBoard. And when those ideas are ready for the world to see, we'd love to see them first!

TinkerBoard will only feature contacts for the following at this time:

  • Illustration and design support

  • Model makers and electrical/mechanical engineers 

  • Sculpting

  • SoftGoods

To create a listing, please submit your information HERE.

Disclaimer: TinkerTini does not endorse or guarantee any contact or services offered by individuals or companies on TinkerBoard. All listings are not affiliated wtih TinkerTini in any capacity.