“Trina is unusual in that she has the smaller company, entrepreneurial mentality of new business creation paired with the linear-thinking, process oriented thinking of Fortune 500. We couldn’t be happier to partner with TinkerTini as we evolve our external invention into a critical component of our company.” 

Jeremy Padawer & Michael Rinzler


Wicked Cool Toys


"Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you. You and your Tinkertini team have made me a better inventor. I reference your TinkerNEXT videos all the time and I am so grateful for the valuable education I’ve gained as being a part of your Tinkertini network. 


This was my second year at Chitag/POP, and this year I felt much more confident in what I was presenting because I learned so much about the overall process from you and your team. Plus, I think my sizzles were 500x better thanks to Tinkernext.


As I ramp up my efforts as an inventor, I look forward to being an active contributor on Tinkerly. SO grateful! Thank you!"


Jane Bredemus 

TinkerNEXT Inventor