"Trina is a true visionary in the toy inventor world. She effectively brings together toy inventors with incredible concepts with toy companies looking to fuel their innovation and growth. I personally worked with Trina while I was at Funrise. She understood our strategic needs and worked tirelessly to bring us a wealth of innovations to choose from. This dramatically helped streamline our product development process and speed to market. If you are a toy inventor, you need to be working with Trina to get your ideas in front of the right toy companies. And if you're a toy company that needs new innovations, Trina is the best in the business and highly recommended."

Randy Shoemaker, SVP Global Brand Marketing


"I love Trina and her growing team of Tinkertinis. She has infectious enthusiasm and is a consummate professional when it comes to navigating inventor and manufacturer relations. I appreciate her candor, humor and insights in dealing with our customers. Out of the gates, she was instrumental in helping us pull together multiple deals, and we couldn’t be more grateful. And I appreciate the regular stream of new opportunities that she sends our way. Not sure how we all got along before Tinkertini showed up!" 


Phil Neal

Go Products LLC