TinkerTini has changed the way companies source and manage their open innovation efforts. TinkerTini is a full-service Inventor Relations agency with over 26 combined years of experience in Inventor Relations. We specialize in launching, scaling and managing open innovation initiatives for our clients. We also manage and engage a diverse and global inventing network. Our experience and established inventing community relationships combined with our proprietary Tinkerly Innovation Platform delivers an unparalleled agile solution to comprehensive Innovation Managment. The Tinkers carefully guide inventors and our clients from wishlist to contractual sample, ensuring success and a productive outreach that consistently delivers results (and a few smiles along the way). The future is looking bright for the Tinkers, our clientsand the inventors we look after!

We Create, Scale, and Manage Inventor Outreaches that are:

  • A Long-Term Solution

  • Agile & Focused

  • Instantly Activated

  • Responsibly Managed

  • Productive

  • Comprehensive

If you are an Inventor, we want to connect with you! Please CONTACT US!

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