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Many companies attempt to engage with the inventing community without experienced Inventor Relations staff on hand to guide the process. It's often not a productive or positive experience for a few reasons: Lack of dedicated focus, know-how, understanding industry standards, historical knowledge, established relationships, and overall experience.


Inventor Relations professionals are niche, highly-specialized, and typically work at the majors. We're the rare unicorn cupids of our industry, worth our weight in gold (seriously), and we don't move around often. So, the story goes that one of the few existing Inventor Relations unicorns broke away from the herd to try something new. And that's making a professionally managed outreach accessible to any company that has a desire to engage with the inventing community. 


What do we do? We manage the complete life cycle of an outreach. If you don't know what that is, here's a simplified visual.


We Create and Manage Inventor Outreach Initiatives that are:

There is much more to it, including databases, unsolicited workflow, concept management, contract management, event management, sweeps, and so on, but we'll walk you through all that later.